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Join ITAC and ODEL for Camp Canvas

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You're Invited to Camp Canvas

The IT Assistance Center (ITAC) and the Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL) have partnered to bring you a summer learning experience you will not forget. From understanding how to use Canvas to taking deeper dives into the pedagogy of employing Canvas to its fullest potential, ITAC and ODEL have it all.

Get Fall Ready. Get Canvas Ready.

Since the fall semester will be the last one where classes will be taught using TRACS, we highly encourage instructors to use this summer to get Canvas courses ready and even start using Canvas this fall. Grab your computer, find a comfortable spot, and get a jump start at Camp Canvas.

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Classes will be online. Zoom links will be sent the week before each class.

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Book your seat in one or all of the class titles. See registration links next to each class description.

Choose your Camp Canvas Learning Experience

Whether you are a Canvas beginner or are ready to take a deeper dive, we have designed Camp Canvas to meet your needs. For the best learning experience, if you are new to Canvas, we recommend you attend ITAC Canvas Essentials sessions before attending the ODEL sessions.

Canvas Essentials

People new to Canvas will gain a broad understanding of the tools and capabilities of this powerful learning management system. Topics include how to create a course, user group, assignments, quizzes, and discussions; how to use attendance, grading, external tools, inbox, and calendar; how to create modules, pages, and files; and how to adjust settings, including notifications.

Use Canvas Modules to Design Meaningful Learning Experiences

Creating meaningful, lasting learning experiences for your students doesn’t often happen by chance. A little planning and design can make a world of difference. We’ll teach you how to create a course using Canvas Modules that will inform, engage, and inspire.

Integrate Multimedia that Matters

You probably already know that you should be including multimedia in your online classes, but do you know how to select multimedia that matters? In this workshop we will teach you how to identify your multimedia options and where to find them, as well as how to follow multimedia best practices. Come ready to apply what you learn!

Connect and Engage for Student Success

Want your students to connect to your subject like you do and succeed in your course? Canvas has lots of features you can use to help them get there. Come learn about video feedback, analytics, office hour scheduler, and more! Discover why you want to engage students and how Canvas can help you do it!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Customizable Learning Paths in Canvas

Learning is not a one-size-fits-all experience, so neither should teaching be. This is where customizable learning paths can play a part. Canvas gives instructors the opportunity to differentiate instruction in an online environment so students have the ability to focus on concepts in ways that can benefit their learning experiences. We will focus not only on the adaptiveness of learning but also on the tools to successfully create a customizable learning solution.

More Canvas Classes Offered This Summer

In addition to Camp Canvas classes, ITAC will be offering these classes throughout the summer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attend Canvas Essentials (above), you do not need to attend any of the below classes. However, if you would like a deeper dive into Canvas Migration, go ahead and sign up for that one.

Canvas Basics

  Get up and running with this quick-start Canvas class and learn how to create a course that includes assignments, quizzes, files, pages, modules, and discussions. Register.

Canvas Toolkit: Communication & Collaboration

You will learn how to create student groups and discussion boards, announcements, appointment slots in a calendar, and setup meaningful notifications. Register.

Canvas Toolkit: Quizzes, Assignments, & Grading

You will learn how to create and publish assignments and quizzes with all question types and setup Gradebook with weighted categories. Register.

Canvas Migration Workshop

You will assess the tools used in your TRACS courses, learn what to expect after it moves to Canvas, and prepare your TRACS course materials as needed. You will build a Canvas course and learn how the Canvas Migration Assistant moves content from TRACS to Canvas. You will also learn strategies for how to organize your Canvas course after TRACS content is moved. Register.