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How to Handle Sensitive Information Found with Spirion

If Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) locates confidential information in records that might be official university records that you must retain, take the following actions:

  1. See if the record is defined as an official university record in the University's Records Retention Schedule.
  2. Contact the data owner (usually your department head) to determine if the file is the original or official record or only a copy of the official record (e.g., a convenience copy).
  3. If the record is a copy that you maintained for your own convenience, shred the file as described below or edit the file to remove the confidential information.
  4. If it is the official record, move it to a shared network drive (contact your TSP or the Information Security Office if you need assistance) and shred the copy that you found on your local system. Official university records should only reside on network drives or servers that benefit from additional security protections workstations often do not possess.

NOTE: Please refer to UPPS 03-01-05 for Payment Card information retention restrictions and the records management guidance available from the University's Records Management Website for more information.