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Texas State University

How to Email a Document to SendNPrint

You must use your Texas State email address (BobcatMail) and send to one of these email addresses:

Color, Size, and # of Sides Email Address
Black and White, Letter, 1-sided
Black and White, Letter, 2-sided
Black and White, Legal, 1-sided
Black and White, Legal, 2-sided
Color, Letter, 1-sided 
Color, Legal, 2-sided

Follow these steps to email a document to SendNPrint:

  1. Using your Texas State email account, start an email to one of the email addresses listed above.
  2. Attach documents that you would like to print. 

    NOTE: Current supported formats are .txt, .pdf, .html, OpenOffice documents, and Microsoft Office formats (e.g., Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). The body of your email will also show up as a print job for your to print if you'd like.

    SendNPrint Screenshot
  3. Send the email. 

    NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email when your print job is ready.

    SendNPrint Screenshot
  4. Go to a SendNPrint Spot, enter your NetID, and release your print jobs. 

    NOTE: You may see multiple print jobs; each attachment will show up as a separate print job. The body of the email will also show up as a separate print job - you don't have to print that if you don't need it.

    TIP: You will have 12 hours to pick up your print job.