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How to Add Zoom Meetings into TRACS

Using the External Tool feature, add a Zoom meeting directly in TRACS to allow your students to quickly access your class meeting.

When setting up the External Tool, enter a launch URL for the tool,a key, and a secret. These values are available online in your Zoom account. Make sure not to reveal these values to the other members of the site.

Required Zoom Information Where To Find It In Zoom
Your Zoom meeting join URL (Zoom weblink) Located in My Meetings
Key Located at the bottom of My Meeting Settings
Secret Located at the bottom of My Meeting Settings
  1. In Site Info, using the Manage Tools, add the External Tool.
  2. In the Tool List, click LTI Tool Name, and click Edit.
  3. In the Remote Tool URL text field, enter your Zoom meeting URL.
  4. In the Remote Tool Key text field, enter the Zoom key.
  5. In the Remote Tool Secret text field, enter the Zoom secret.
  6. In Set Button Text text field, enter Zoom.
  7. In Set Tool Title text field, enter Zoom.
  8. Click Update Options.
    The Zoom app will be prompted to open which indicates your set up is complete.