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How to Join TXST-Home

There are two steps needed to join the TXST-Home network:

Step 1. From a mobile device or computer, go to Texas State Connect and obtain a passcode. You will need a NetID and password.
Step 2. From the gaming or media device, connect to TXST-Home and enter the passcode.


Follow these instructions to join the TXST-Home network:

Step 1. Get a passcode from Texas State Connect.

  1. From your mobile device or computer, go to Texas State Connect.
  2. On the home screen, click Start.

    Connect home screen
  3. Click Students, Faculty, and Staff.

    Students Faculty and Staff
  4. Enter your NetID (e.g., zzz99) and password, and click Login.

    Log in screen
  5. Click TXST-Home.
    NOTE: Only Texas State residents can get a passcode. If you live on-campus and do not see this option, contact ITAC for assistance.

  6. Click your residence hall zone.

    Choose your building
  7. The passcode needed to log into your gaming or media device will display.
    - Each passcode can be used on one device only.
    -The passcode will become active in about 5 minutes.
    -You must use the passcode in 20 minutes or it will expire.
    - If you need to connect multiple devices, click Start Over, and complete the steps again to obtain a passcode for each device.



Step 2. Connect to TXST-Home, and enter the passcode.

  1. On the media or gaming device, go to the Wi-Fi network settings, and tap TXST-Home.
    NOTE: If you are not sure how to find the device's Wi-Fi network settings, consult with the device manufacturer's instructions or support.
  2. In the password section, enter the passcode given to you on the Texas State Connect screen.
    NOTE: Please allow up to 5 minutes for the passcode to become active.

    Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the TXST-Home network!