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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Support

About Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

Visit the Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network page for more information about this service.

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We offer the following Wi-Fi network options:

Secure and fast Wi-Fi for anyone with an active NetID and password.

Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for Texas State family and guests. Passcode is sent via text message. Connections last for 24 hours.

Secure and fast Wi-Fi in Residence Halls. Residents log in to Texas State Connect and obtain a passcode to connect gaming and media devices.

Bobcat Stadium
Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for guests who attend Bobcat Football games.

Use this Wi-Fi network when visiting other universities:

Secure global wireless network for the international research and education community. Bobcats visiting participating university campuses can log into eduroam with a Texas State email address (e.g., and NetID password. Visitors to Texas State from participating institutions can log into eduroam at TXST using their university login credentials. Learn more.

Use Texas State Connect to setup TXST-Home

  1. Go to Texas State Connect, log in, and get a passcode.
  2. On your device, find the TXST-Home network, and enter the passcode to connect.

Learn more.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Texas State users cannot connect to eduroam while on our campus; however, you can connect to eduroam when visiting other participating campuses.

Use eduroam to connect when visiting other campuses

Texas State Faculty, Staff, and Students

When you visit an eduroam participating institution, connect to eduroam on that campus using your Texas State email address (e.g., and your NetID password.

Visitors to Texas State from Other Universities

When you visit Texas State from an eduroam participating institution, connect to eduroam at TXST using your institution credentials.

Learn more.