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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Support

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We offer the following Wi-Fi network options:

Secure and fast Wi-Fi for anyone with an active NetID and password.

Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for Texas State family and guests. Passcode is sent via text message. Connections last for 24 hours.

Secure and fast Wi-Fi in Residence Halls. Residents log in to Texas State Connect and obtain a passcode to connect gaming and media devices.

Bobcat Stadium
Unsecure, open Wi-Fi for guests who attend Bobcat Football games.

Use Texas State Connect to setup TXST-Home

  1. Go to Texas State Connect, log in, and get a passcode.
  2. On your device, find the TXST-Home network, and enter the passcode to connect.

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See the below help articles for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Texas State Wi-Fi network.

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