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How to Log into NetID 2-Step with a Duo Key Fob Hardware Token Passcode

Key fob hardware tokens are ($20.00 + tax) and available at the ITAC Walk Up Center. Key fob hardware tokens should be used in the following instances:

  • an employee does not have a personal or departmental phone
  • an employee will be traveling to areas without cell service and needs access to NetID 2-Step

Key fobs are assigned to individual employees for use with NetID 2-Step. Departments interested in purchasing multiple tokens should contact ITAC.

CAUTION: This is the only type of key fob that can be used with NetID 2-Step.

Follow these steps to log into NetID 2-Step with a key fob hardware token passcode:

  1. Go to an online service that requires NetID 2-Step login.
  2. If you have more than one device, in the drop down menu, click the device called Token.
    NetID 2-step screenshot
  3. On the key fob device, press the button to reveal a new passcode.

    NOTE: The passcode will change for each login attempt.

    CAUTION: Enter the passcode quickly, as the passcode will display for 30 seconds and then disappear. Once it’s gone, pressing the button again will reveal a new passcode.
    keyfob picture
  4. On the computer screen, click Enter a Passcode.
    NetID 2-step screenshot
  5. In the text field next to Log In, enter the passcode, and click Log In.
    NetID 2-step screenshot

    Congratulations! You have logged into NetID 2-Step with a Duo key fob hardware token passcode.