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NetID 2-Step FAQs

Can I change each device's name in NetID 2-Step?

Yes! Log into a NetID 2-Step online service (e.g., Online Toolkit). On the NetID 2-Step screen, click My Settings and Devices. Next to the device that you’d like to change, click Device Options. Click Change Device Name. Enter a new name and click Save.
change name devices

Why am I being required to use NetID 2-Step?

Unfortunately, individual passwords are compromised on a daily basis via email phishing attempts and other malicious activity. With NetID 2-Step, it is not likely that an unauthorized user can supply both factors to access Texas State online services. NetID 2-Step will increase the level of security for your account and the important Texas State confidential information stored within these services. To learn more about requirements and efforts to secure personal and confidential information, see UPPS 04.01.01 - Security of Texas State Information Resources

I received a phone call or push notice from Duo Security, but I’m not trying to log into any NetID 2-Step online service. What should I do now?

First, hang up the phone. Secondly, contact ITAC immediately to research the issue.

On my NetID 2-Step screen, I see this: Remember me for 9 hours. How does that work?

Often times, people log into the same service many times per day.

At first successful login for the day, you can select Remember me for 9 hours. For the next nine hours, accessing the specific service from the same computer and Web browser will require only a NetID and password.
9 hours

I deleted the Duo Mobile app or had to restore my mobile device. I no longer have the Duo Mobile app. How do I get set up again with Duo Mobile and NetID 2-Step?

If you delete your Duo Mobile app or restore your mobile device, go to your app store and install the Duo Mobile app once again. If you don’t see Texas State University as an option in your Duo Mobile app, log into a NetID 2-Step online service, click My Devices and Settings, and enroll your phone and the app once again.

Learn more about how to install the Duo Mobile app.

I’m not receiving the Duo Mobile apps push notifications for NetID 2-Step, what should I do?

Check your app settings to be sure that DUO push notifications are turned on. Otherwise, if you’d prefer leave notifications off, remember to open the Duo Mobile app every time you need to log into a NetID 2-Step online service. If you still do not see a notification, uninstall then reinstall the Duo Mobile app.

Who is enabled to use NetID 2-Step to log into Texas State online services?

Beginning July 6, 2016, all faculty, staff, and student employees will be enabled to use NetID 2-Step to log into Texas State online services.

What can I do if I need to log in with NetID 2-Step, I don't have a mobile device enrolled, and I am away from my landline?

If you find yourself frequently needing to log into NetID 2-Step online services while away from your office or home phone, here are two options that will allow you to use NetID 2-Step on the go:

  • Enroll your mobile device to receive text messages or push messages via the Duo Mobile app.
  • Purchase a key fob hardware token that displays a unique passcode that changes frequently. Key fobs are available for departmental purchase at the ITAC Walk Up Center.

If you are unable to do the above, contact ITAC for further assistance.

Which device types can I use for NetID 2-Step?

You have the ability to enroll and manage the below device types for use with NetID 2-Step:

  • Mobile Phone – push to Duo Mobile app or passcode via text message
  • Tablet or iPad – push to Duo Mobile app
  • Landline Phone – call to direct office or home telephone
  • Duo key Fob Hardware Token – displays a unique passcode (changes with each login)

It is highly recommended that you enroll more than one device (EXAMPLE: mobile phone and direct office phone line).

What should I do if I change my office telephone number but used it to log into a NetID 2-Step online service?

Log into any NetID 2-Step online service (e.g., Online Toolkit). When you see the NetID 2-Step screen, click My Devices and Settings. Delete your old phone number. Then, click Add a new device, and add your new phone number.
new office line 1
new office line 2

How is NetID 2-Step login different from computer encryption?

NetID 2-Step is a two-factor authentication method that adds a layer of security for logging into to a select set of Texas State online services.

Computer encryption protects the data stored on computers and laptops. In some cases, data is also encrypted as it is transferred to cloud services.

I've enrolled multiple devices in NetID 2-Step. Can I set it up to automatically use my preferred default device?

Yes! Log into a NetID 2-Step online service (e.g., Online Toolkit). On the NetID 2-Step screen, click My Settings and Devices. Select your preferred default device, and click the checkbox next to Automatically send me a:. In the future, your default device will automatically be contacted to complete the login process.
multiple devices

If my mobile device is not connected to the Internet, will the Duo Mobile app still work for NetID 2-Step?

Yes! If you are not connected to the Internet, enter the one-time-use passcode located in the Duo Mobile app to complete the NetID 2- Step process. 

NOTE: This passcode will change with each login attempt.

Open the Duo Mobile app. Next, to Texas State University, tap the green key to reveal the passcode.
connect without the internet 1
connect without the internet 2

On your computer, at the NetID 2-step login screen, click Enter a Passcode, and enter the passcode displayed in your Duo Mobile app.
connect without the internet 3

Which mobile devices are supported with the NetID 2-Step DUO Mobile app?

The below devices are supported for the Duo Mobile app to use with NetID 2-Step:

  • iPhone and iPad – iOS 6.0 or later
  • Android – OS 2.3.3 or later
  • BlackBerry – 10 and BBOS 4.5.0 or later
  • Palm – WebOS 1.4.5 or later
  • Windows Phone – OS 7.5 or later

What is NetID 2-Step and two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is security beyond the password and adds an additional layer of protection to Texas State online services.

NetID 2-Step is Texas State's two-factor authentication method used for logging into select online services. Powered by Duo Security, NetID 2-Step requires two factors for successful access:

  • something a user knows (NetID and password)
  • something a user has (mobile device app, phone, or key fob token)


Will I receive spam calls/notifications if I use my personal phone for NetID 2-Step?

No. The university will only use the information provided for the NetID 2-Step process.

I have a new phone. How do I set it up to use NetID 2-Step?

See How to Enroll my Mobile Phone Device with NetID 2-Step.

Can I enroll more than one landline in NetID 2-Step?

Yes! Actually, ITAC highly recommends that you enroll multiple devices (home and direct office phone lines included).

CAUTION: Be sure that the landline device which you enroll is your direct line. Do not enroll general department or main phone numbers.

What's the difference between my NetID and NetID 2-Step?

Your NetID and password give you access to most Texas State online services. A select set of Texas State online services, however, require an additional layer of protection beyond the password. This is called NetID 2-Step

NetID 2-Step is a two-factor authentication system used for accessing select online services at Texas State. NetID 2-Step will roll out in phases with an early enrollment period beginning July 6, 2016.

Powered by Duo Security, NetID 2-Step requires two factors for successful access:

  • something you know (NetID and password)
  • something you have (mobile device, landline phone, or key fob

Can I use my Texas State email address as my validated personal email address?

No. Your validated personal email must be an email address not affiliated with Texas State, such as a Yahoo! Mail or a Gmail email address.

Am I required to use my personal mobile device for NetID 2-Step, or are there other options?

While it is recommended that you enroll your mobile device and use the Duo Mobile app for NetID 2-Step login, it is not required.

Below are alternative devices. You are encouraged to enroll more than one device and/or device type:

  • tablet or iPad – pushes to Duo Mobile app
  • landline phone – call to direct office line or home telephone
  • Duo key fob hardware token* – displays a unique, passcode (changes with each login)

*Key fobs require departmental or personal purchase from ITAC. One key fob per user

What should I do if I lose my mobile device and can’t log into NetID 2-Step?

If you lose your phone, or any other mobile device enrolled NetID 2-Step, choose one of these options:

If you have another device enrolled (e.g., your direct office line), log into a NetID 2-Step online service (e.g., Online Toolkit). Click My Settings and Devices. Next to your mobile device, click Device Options, and click the trash can to delete that device.

If you do not have any other devices enrolled in NetID 2-Step, contact ITAC who will be happy to assist with helping to resolve the issue.
lost device fix

Do I have to provide my regular personal email address as a validated email address?

Anyone with an active NetID must validate a personal email address. This will assist with self-service password resets in the future.

If you would prefer not to use your regular personal email address, you can create a personal email account like a Yahoo! email account or a Gmail email account to use as a validated personal email for NetID password resets at Texas State.

I can't remember the password for my validated personal email account. What do I do?

You can reset your validated personal email password by going through the forgot password process of your personal email account provider. For example, if your provider is Gmail, then perform the forgot password steps to reset your Gmail account password.