How to Reset Your NetID Password using Forgot Password

  1. Open Online Toolkit
  2. Click Forgot Password?  

    online toolkit screenshot
  3. Select an Identifier Type (NetID/TxStateID or SSN/ITIN).
    EXAMPLE: NetID (e.g., zzz99), Texas State ID (e.g., A12345678), SSN, or ITIN.

    online toolkit screenshot
  4. Enter your identifier and date of birth in the appropriate boxes.

    online toolkit screenshot
  5. Enter the code shown in the image on the screen.
  6. Click Next.

    online toolkit screenshot
  7. Enter your last name, your social security number, and your personal email address.
  8. Click Validate.

    NOTE: The system will send a one-time-use link to your personal email address

    CAUTIONDepending on your personal email service, this email may take several minutes to reach your inbox. If you don"t see it within 15 minutes, look in your junk or spam folder.

    online toolkit screenshot
  9. Read the email and click the link contained in the email.

    email screenshot
  10. Enter your date of birth, and click Validate.

    online toolkit screenshot
  11. Check the "I agree to comply with the information security, appropriate use, and other policies of Texas State University" checkbox.
  12. Enter and re-enter your new NetID password.

    NOTE: Consider creating a passphrase that is at least 15 characters long. See passphrase best practices.
  13. Click Submit.

    online toolkit screenshot

    Congratulations! You have successfully changed your NetID password.