How to Submit Content Using a Mediaflo Dropbox

Your instructor will provide you with a link to the Mediaflo Dropbox.

Follow the steps below to submit your content:

  1. Click the link for the Mediaflo Dropbox provided by your instructor.
  2. Add a Content Title for the content you are submitting. Be as descriptive as possible with the title of your content.

    IMPORTANT: Do not use special characters in the title of the video. For example: @ # $ % ^ & *
  3. Enter your first name and last name as appears on your Texas State ID.
  4. In the Email text field, enter your Texas State email address.
  5. In the Description text field, enter a short description of the content.

  6. Select file to upload or drag and drop your file into the upload area.

    NOTE: The Dropbox will not accept files larger than 20GB. Large files may experience significantly long upload times.
  7. The file will auto-submit.

    NOTE: When uploading content, make sure you have a stable high-speed internet connection. Avoid using a cellular connection to upload content.
  8. Wait for the file to finish uploading.
  9. You will receive an on-screen confirmation of your submission.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted content to a Mediaflo Dropbox!