Paid Captioning with Rev for Mediaflo

Before You Begin

There are three steps to order captions directly through Mediaflo. This process is a one- time setup that requires the purchase order to be updated every fiscal year to avoid service interruptions. 

Once your account is setup, captions can be ordered from Rev in Mediaflo. When your order is complete, the captions will be automatically added to your content in Mediaflo.

Admins who manage the department accounts should complete this process. The person completing this process will manage access to the department Rev account for all faculty and staff in their department.

Step 1: Set Up Funding Source

purchase order for captioning with the vendor Rev must be drafted and approved. 

NOTE: This process must be repeated every fiscal year to avoid interruptions in service.

Step 2: Fill Out Invoice Form

Once the purchase order has been approved, an invoicing account must be requested from the vendor Rev. Request an invoice from Rev here.

When filling out this form:

On Page 3, Additional Info:

  • PO Number: this will be the PO number from the framework PO you created for Rev.
  • What is your estimated spend with Rev?: No need to answer this question.
  • Do you use the following video platforms?: No need to answer this question
  • Do you have a sales rep?: No

After completing this form:

Rev will contact you with account information after they process your invoice documentation. If this takes more than 72 hours, contact Rev support for a status update on your account creation and invoicing.

Step 3: Request Rev Integration

When your account has been setup by Rev support, you should submit a Mediaflo Rev Integration Request.