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YuJa to Replace Mediaflo

On June 17, Mediaflo permissions will be changed to a read-only state. You will still be able to access your media and download it as needed; however, no new content will be uploaded to Mediaflo and no edits can be made to existing content. Additionally, Ensemble Anthem should no longer be used for screen captures and/or webcam recordings. Going forward, please upload all new media to YuJa.

About Mediaflo

Visit the Mediaflo page for more information about this service.

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Mediaflo accounts are available by request to faculty and staff. While students will not be issued personal accounts, they have the ability to upload media to a dropbox managed by a faculty or staff member. A Mediaflo account is not required for viewing media.

Ensemble Anthem

Ensemble Anthem creates screen capture and webcam recordings which are automatically uploaded into the user's Mediaflo Library. Anthem is available by request to faculty and staff.


See the below help for step-by-step instructions on how to use Mediaflo.

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