How to Complete the Classroom Observation Acknowledgement and Reflection

  1. Login to ePortfolio.
  2. Enter your NetID and Password.
  3. Click Student Teaching Field Experience in the Pending Tasks area.
  4. Click Classroom Observation and Acknowledgements & Reflections.
  5. Click on the observation acknowledgement you wish to complete.
  6. Select the observation you are acknowledging using the drop-down menu.
    NOTE: Even if you didn't complete four observations, you must still create an acknowledgement for each. In this case, select Not needed from The Classroom Observation that I have reviewed is: drop-down menu.  
  7. Complete the fields.
  8. Upload your reflection.
  9. Click Add and then Save.

    NOTE: You will only click Submit once all Field Experience forms have been completed, at the end of your Field Experience.

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed a classroom observation acknowledgement and reflection in ePortfolio.