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How to Submit a Course Evaluation or Student Perception of Instruction (SPI)

Before You Begin

  • Your answers will always remain anonymous.
  • Please be sure to check the top left portion of the course evaluation you are working on to ensure you are evaluating the intended instructor and course.
  • Find evaluation due dates in ePortfolio in the Pending Tasks area or from the Tasks area in the Home menu. If you received an email with a link to your evaluation, you can also see the due date there.
  • You are allowed to save an evaluation and come back to complete and submit it later as long as you do so before the due date.
  • If you have multiple course evaluations or SPIs to complete in ePortfolio, once you finish one, you will be prompted to continue and complete the others.
  • Need to recall and re-submit your course evaluation? See How to Recall and Resubmit a Course Evaluation.

Follow these steps to submit a course evaluation or SPI:

  1. Go to ePortfolio.
  2. Enter your NetID and Password, and click Login.
  3. In Pending Task, click an evaluation.
  4. See the Type column to confirm it is a Course Evaluation and view the due date.
  5. Answer the questions, and click Submit.

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed a course evaluation in ePortfolio.