How to Grant an Assignment or Course Binder Extension

NOTE: Granting an extension on an assignment or course binder overrides the original due date and allows the student more time to finish their work. Granting an extension is only necessary if you have already begun assessing the student's work.

  1. Go to ePortfolio.
  2. Enter your NetID and Password, and click Login
  3. Click Courses.
  4. For the assignment you wish to extend, click.the number underneath the status bar.
  5. Click the student's name.
  6. Click the Extensions tab.
  7. Click Edit Due Date.
  8. Change the due date and enter comments on why the extension was granted.
    NOTE: Extending the due date by 5 minutes, whether the due date has passed or not, will automatically re-open the coursework for the student to continue working or resubmit. 
  9. Click Update.

Congratulations! You have successfully granted an extension in ePortfolio.