Email FAQs

Why is it important to that I validate my personal email address?

Having a validated personal email address on file at Texas State will give you the ability to perform password resets in the future without the need to contact ITAC for assistance. Thank you for participating in the Validated Personal Email Program.

Why can't I use my Texas State email address as my validated personal email address?

Your validated personal email address cannot be a Texas State email address. If you forget your NetID password, you cannot send the special link to your BobcatMail to log in and retrieve that link. So, you will need to provide another email address where you can successfully log in and retrieve that link to create a new password.

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is a process to encode, or scramble, an outbound email so that only those recipients with the "key" (code) can unscramble and read the message. Encryption is a technology that protects information from unauthorized access by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be easily deciphered. This protection is more extensive than typical security features, such as securing your system with a password. Texas State uses a tool that encrypts the contents of the body of an email as well as most files attachment formats.

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