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Project and Timeline

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    January 2021 – All courses taught in Canvas. TRACS goes into a read-only state. Faculty can log in and continue to access content and data but not develop or publish new courses or sites.

    January 2023 – TRACS will move into an archival state. Faculty cannot access content any longer.

    Read more about it on the DOIT blog.

  • We understand that TRACS project sites are extensively used throughout the university community. Canvas will offer a project site option. Texas State also currently offers tools available to manage projects, collaborate with others, and store files (such as Planner, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Department Share Drives). Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to use the tool most comfortable to them to accomplish their goals.

    Specific to Canvas project sites, Faculty, Staff, and Students can create Project Courses in Canvas now. Learn how to create a Canvas Project Course.

  • This decision is the culmination of more than two years of research by staff in the Division of Information Technology and the Office of Distance and Extended Learning in Academic Affairs. Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff members tested the systems and provided feedback. The information from these efforts was combined into a report and presented to the Learning Management System Advisory Committee on May 15, 2019. The committee unanimously recommended Canvas as Texas State’s new learning management system. 

    To learn more about how the decision was made, visit the pages linked below:

    Announcement about the Canvas selection from the Provost and Vice President for Information Technology

    LMS Project Archive pages show the activities involved in the search for Canvas and leading up to the selection of the new LMS.