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Elmo MX-P2 Webcam and Microphone

In time for the fall semester, ITAC is installing webcams and microphones (Elmo MX-P2) in IT Supported Academic Classrooms and Departmentally-owned Classrooms with standard classroom technology (media cabinet and touch-panel).

The Elmo MX-P2 can be used as a webcam, microphone, and virtual whiteboard. Twist the webcam down to display the document or toward the instructor or class for remote viewers to see the classroom. The built-in microphone can clearly hear from up to five feet away.

Elmo document camera folded down and expanded

‚ÄčSetup Zoom for Use with the Elmo MX-P2

  1. Ensure the document camera power is turned on (LED light = solid blue).
  2. Log into the podium computer.
  3. Open the Zoom meeting.

    NOTE: The Zoom app is installed in all IT Supported Academic Classrooms and many others as well. If the Zoom app is not installed on the computer, go to the Zoom Download Center, and install the software. You do not need to be an administrator on the computer to install Zoom.
  4. Click Join with Computer Audio.
  5. Next to Mute, click the up arrow, and click a microphone.
    • On Windows computer, click MX-P2 HD Audio.
    • On a Mac computer, click Capture Inactive.

      screen shot of audio selections
  6. Next to Start/Stop Video, click the up arrow, and under Select a Camera, click MX-P2.

    screen shot of video selection
  7. Next to Start/Stop Video, click the up arrow, and click Video Settings...

    video settings button

  8. Next to Camera, click MX-P2.
  9. Next to My Video, put a checkbox next to Enable HD and uncheck  Mirror my video.

    video settings screen shot

    • As a general practice, arrive early and test both your audio and video.

    • When using the document camera to write on a paper and display to students, position your paper horizontally (landscape position) so students can get a clear view of what you are writing.

    • Learn more about Zoom and also see best practices for conducting online meetings.

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Control Panel Buttons on Elmo MX-P2

The control panel is easily visible on the base of the MX-P2.

document camera at various angles


Match the number below with the image above to learn what each button does.

control panel image with buttons numbered 1 through 10

1. Power - turns the power on and off
2. Brightness - makes the webcam image brighter
3. Light - turns the webcam light on and off
4. Rotate - rotates the webcam image up to 180 degrees
5. Freeze - pauses or restarts the webcam image
6. Darken - makes the webcam image darker


7. Zoom Out - displays the webcam image further away
8. Auto Focus - automatically focusses the webcam image
9. Zoom In - displays the webcam image closer in
10. Microphone - hidden built-in mic
11. LED Indicator - solid blue means the camera is on; solid red means the camera is off; blinking yellow means the Freeze button is activated

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