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Technology Integration Classroom Reservation

The Technology Integration Classrooms are primarily used by instructors who need to integrate new curriculum and materials created as a product of their attendance in the Technology Integration Workshop. By reserving one of these rooms for their class session, they are able to acquire immediate technology support for their instruction and prevent a loss of lecture time. The Technology Integration Classrooms also serve as a development and evaluation center for IT staff and faculty. When the rooms are not being used for teaching, development or evaluation, they are used for department sponsored training activities.

Rooms that may be scheduled are as follows:

  • Alkek 102
  • Alkek 118
  • Alkek 119
  • Derrick 114C

Please note that you are not allowed to request a specific room. Training rooms will be reserved based on availability.

Learn more about Technology Integration Classrooms.


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Additional software must be requested using the following link:  Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the review and installation process.

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