Data Port Repair Request

Use this form to request a data port repair. A data port is a small wall outlet (resembling a telephone jack) that delivers internet services to campus.

NOTE: To request a network port (data drop) in your area, submit the Network Port (Data Port) Request.

Learn more about network services.

Requester Information

This is the person submitting the request on behalf of the person who is getting the data port repair. If this person is requesting on behalf of themselves, please complete this section and the customer section as well.

Customer Information

This is the person who is receiving the data port repair.



To find your own Position Number, log into the SAP Portal and click Record Working Time. At the top of the screen, you will see two sets of numbers separated by a space. The first set is your position number.

To find another employee's Position Number, log into SAP Business Client, and run this transaction: ZELST. Those with Department Head role and the Travel Assistant role can run this transaction to see employee position numbers in their department.

Data Port Repair Request Details

One-Time Billing Information

This will be the account billed for the data port repair service. It is a one-time fee.